“Athlete First”

Sports Training for Juniors

Junior Performance Sports Training

Designed to help benefit golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, hockey, etc. We build an “Athlete 1st”, so they can specialize later!

Capitalize on your childs’ “window of opportunity”

Early sports specialization is one of the biggest mistakes made with children today. Parents often think that if a child simply focuses on nothing but “Sport X” they will get ahead of their peers and be destined for greatness.

Research shows that early specialization leads to overuse injuries, body imbalances, incomplete motor skill development, and burnout resulting in a child losing interest. Most top athletes spent their childhood developing the skills of many sports and did not specialize until their teenage years or later.

At each stage development there are very specific “windows of opportunity”. Ex: from ages 6-9 children are in one of their “speed windows” and should be performing speed and power motions regularly. Skills learned at this time will stay with them through their athletic career and life, however If missed, they will not have the opportunity to go back and take advantage of it.


Available for ages 5-12
High School – inquire with Jed Glass

Class Days & Times

M/T/W/TH – 4:30 – 5:15 p.m.
Class is year round – sign up when it fits your schedule!


1 day/week $125/month
2 days/week $225/month


Jed Glass