Performance Golf

Happiness is a long walk with a putter.

RallySport Performance Golf group conditioning program is based on research by the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI concluded that physical restrictions result in specific swing faults. Working with a golf pro is crucial to solid skills out on the course, but if your body is unable to perform what the golf pro is asking you to do, the swing fault may not be corrected and an injury may result.

When physical restrictions are eliminated through personalized conditioning, the body is free to move in the way the golf swing challenges it to… improving your swing, and your game. Our exercises involve the entire fitness spectrum including: Pilates, yoga, strength, cardiovascular training, agility, motor skill development, and stretching.

Price / 6wk session 2x per week 1x per week
RallySport Members $325 $175
Lake Valley Members $365 $205
Non Members $399 $225

TPI Certified Coaches

Dillon Johnson

CSCS, NASM-CPT, TPI-Level 2, PTA Global

Erin Carson


Shane Phillips



Golf is one of the most physically intense sports out there….yet is performed by the largest spectrum of athletes. As a golfer we are forced to be balanced, flexible, powerful, strong, stable, consistent……and is required for 5 hours. We can do so much for our game and life, by simply preparing our body and mind for the demands we place on it.
Dillon Johnson

Head Golf Fitness Instructor, RallySport

With your golf conditioning program I improved my overall strength and ability in all my activities, and I won ‘most improved’ in my golf league. I can’t wait to get back into your program again!

After dealing with some major lower back pain, leg numbness, and less and less flexibility, the golf conditioning program at RallySport has been one of the most positive changes for me – and my body – in recent years. I would encourage anyone over the age of 30 to get involved in this program, no matter the shape they are in.