Performance Golf Participant Testimonials

Your club is unique and you do a great job. As I mentioned, the golf conditioning has helped a lot already- body, mind, and spirit. You’ve got a good thing going. Looking forward to continuing the progress. Thanks again!


For me Golf conditioning sessions over the last 2 ½ years have created much more flexibility and strength in my upper body. A combination of sedentary life style and spending more time in the office has caught up with me, and the Rally Sport Golf Fitness program has been an excellent way to resolve the lack of flexibility!


I wanted to express to you how excited I am to be participating in your golf fitness class. It is very easy to miss muscle groups when you are working out on your own. Doing your class helped me realize that my previous workouts were very inadequate, that my body was strong in some areas, but very week in others. I feel that my strength and endurance have increased in a balanced, healthy way. Your innovative exercises that combine golf specific movements while stretching and strengthening the body have helped me stronger in all aspects of golf and normal life. I’ve noticed a big difference in my “Golf” strength, and endurance. I think I might have even gained a little of that elusive length with my drives. I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie of the class while increasing my strength and flexibility. It is much more fun to work out with like minded people with a specific goal in mind. I’ve enjoyed the laughter and sometimes groaning! Thanks again for making working out, fun, interesting and productive.


Rally Sport’s trainers offer detailed, scientifically researched information as to why certain strengths or limitations in a golfer’s body would make he or she strike a ball better or worse. In the two months since I began training with Rally Sport I know they have significantly increased my strength and decreased limitations in my swing, thus my ball striking has noticably improved.


I am in the best shape of my life. I am fitter, stronger and more flexible. At times I’d call the class “life conditioning” as well as “golf conditioning. I have made wonderful friends. The partnerships with Lake Valley and Leonards totally enhance the program. If you are a bad golfer, however, you probably will still need lessons. Even though the class will make you fit/flexible/strong you will still need to fix those fundamentals. I can walk 18 and still feel as good as I did at the start of the round.


In February of 2009 I was introduced to the Rally Sport Golf Conditioning and spent 6 weeks getting ready for my Spring Golf trip to FL where 4 friends played 7 rounds of golf in 5 days (that was year 22 with the same group).  The results were great as I never got tired or sore.  Now, I do work out somewhat regularly but the Golf Conditioning takes me to another level of endurance.  Just recently in November I returned from FL where this time we played 7.5 rounds in 5 days (played an additional 9 one of the days since I felt so good).  I again prepared with the Golf Conditioning from Dillon Johnson at Rally Sport.  Success again, even more so, as I won our tournament with scores from 73 to 80 over the 7 rounds of golf. This year I found myself clubbing up from previous years even though we were at sea level.  I would truly recommend to anyone having any issues with your physical stamina to consider trying this out…’ll end up hitting the ball further with much more consistency as well.


I was able to get out and play the other day. Without thinking about our training, I noticed a big difference in my golf swing on the 1st hole! I felt more balanced, more flexible and seemed to have more power. I was frankly amazed. I am excited for my changes yet to come. Thanks


That’s the first time I’ve really felt good about my potential!


I have been doing Titleist Performance Training training with Dillon Johnson at Rally Sport for the last six months and in total, I have over three years experience with the golf training program. Since working with Dillon, my golf scores are lower and more consistent. Distance off the tee has increased by 15 to 20 yards due to increases in strength, stability, and body rotation. The exercise sessions are awesome with little, if any, repeatability, week to week. Although I have performed aerobic and weight training for the last 40 years, since working with Mr. Johnson my body fat has reached an adult all-time low. As a low handicap golfer, Mr. Johnson has a special ability for integrating knowledge of the game with the purpose of every exercise performed. He is a courteous and well-rounded individual who makes TPI training enjoyable.