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Biosignature Modulation

BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge fat loss and health assessment method that can be used for almost anyone who wants to look and feel better, and improve their quality of life. In addition to helping you lose fat in stubborn areas of your body, BioSignature can create improvements in many other aspects of your life including sleep, energy levels, mental clarity and mood!

What is Biosignature Modulation?
BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge fat loss and health assessment method developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. Coach Poliquin developed the concept of BioSignature after noticing specific trends and correlations in how people store fat. He found that where an individual stores their bodyfat is an indication of their hormonal profile and that to lose weight an individual needs to take specific steps to correct hormonal imbalances. Although the BioSignature program began with the training of elite athletes, the method can be used for almost anyone who wants to look and feel better and improve the quality of their life. BioSignature can even help you lose fat in those stubborn areas that never seem to improve with traditional approaches. You can also expect to see improvements in many other areas of your life including sleep, energy levels, mental clarity and even your mood!
How does BioSignature Modulation work?
BioSignature Practitioners can determine which hormones may be out of balance by a quick, painless and noninvasive bodyfat assessment. Poliquin has determined that there are 12 major bodyfat sites that can be quickly and accurately tested by a pair of quality skin calipers. Measurements from each site are entered into a software program, which calculates overall bodyfat and also identifies which areas of the body have excessive fat levels that are out of proportion to other areas. For example, if you carry a high percentage of bodyfat in your upper thighs, this indicates there may be a problem with your estrogen levels. If the fat is mainly in the lower abdominals, then the stress hormone cortisol is a likely culprit. Then, BioSignature Practitioners use this data and the information you provide through consultation to develop an individualized plan involving diet, exercise, lifestyle and a targeted supplementation program! And you don’t need to worry about potentially harmful fat loss products either. You’ll be using only the highest-quality nutritional supplements, trusted by professional athletes, Olympians and other notable professionals. The result? A leaner, healthier and happier you faster than with conventional methods.
BioSignature Testing
Here you will find a summary of the testing options that are available to you so that you can make an informed decision about which bank of information would suit you best:

The entry level testing package is composed of the Leap MRT Food Sensitivity panel from Signet Labs and the Urine Organic Acids panel from Metametrix labs. This kit is the most popular kit because of the amount of information that you get relative to the cost.

Leap MRT Food Sensitivity panel
The MRT blood test detects food allergies. It is offered from Signet Diagnostic Corporation (“Leap”) in Riviera Beach, Florida. Their website explains how the LEAP MRT will assist with symptoms as severe as migraines and IBS.. What we regularly find with the LEAP MRT is that it reduces inflammation in the body that originates from the gut so well that the capacity of the immune system is greatly enhanced. As your intestinal health improves, the body is able to address other health concerns better. Included in your results will be a food menu that will assist you in creating meals that utilize your least aggravating foods.

Urine Organic Acids panel
The urine organic acids panel was designed by Metametrix labs in Atlanta, GA. This test will give you very detailed information about how well you produce energy and help you to identify any road blocks in those pathways. You will be able to see indicators for the health of your liver and its detoxification capabilities, the state of your gut and how well you can assimilate your food from the digestive tract. You will also learn how well you process proteins, carbohydrates and fats for fuel. Additionally, there are also markers for the balance of important brain neurotransmitters which can help you to identify chemical reasons for mood disturbances as well as markers for oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging and cancer.

Their website includes a list of conditions and ailments that the interpretation of the data from the urine organic acids test can assist with. It is an extensive list and the results will be enhanced by simultaneously changing your diet with the food sensitivity recommendations from Signet Labs.

After testing, the data is returned to you in the form of a Bio-Clarity report from Lab Interpretations in Reno, NV. Your Bio-Clarity report will not only make your information easy to understand, it will also provide specific nutrient therapies to help you correct any imbalances that may be detected in your test. Nutrient therapies are recommended based on a stricter set of norms that are more focused on obtaining optimum health rather than just the avoidance of disease. This means that you may become aware of a set of circumstances regarding your health that you wouldn’t otherwise get to learn through general physicals with your doctor. Than being said, you can easily take the data that you obtain from the Bio-Clarity reports and share the insights with your personal physician to enhance their ability to care for you.

Next Steps
Follow up testing:
Once you run the entry level lab tests and complete your supplement therapy you will be able to purchase a follow up testing package.

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry
  • Phthalate(plasticizers) /Paraben (preservatives) Toxicity
  • Urine Organic Acids
  • Bio-Clarity Report

The purpose would be to determine how much progress you made since the last round of testing and to see if your body is experiencing any other environmental toxic burdens that are limiting your ability to achieve optimum health. This data will expand your knowledge and ability to make intelligent decisions about your healthcare path.

ION panel:
Finally, if you would like to get the full picture in one full Bio-Clarity report you can purchase a premium lab testing kit that features the amazing ION panel from Metametrix.

It includes:

  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry
  • MRT Food Sensitivity
  • Phthalate/Paraben Toxicity
  • Hair Elements Mineral/Heavy Metal
  • ION Panel
  • Bio-Clarity Report

Hopefully the above reading material both stimulates and answers some questions you may have about the Biosignature program. The profit for us is built into the sales of supplements based on the recommendations of your test results and fees for consultations. We sell Poliquin brand supplements because they use manufacturers with labs that are monitored by the FDA to ensure that the label and the supplement match up with quality controlled manufacturing. Poliquin supplements are also delivered in the most therapeutic dosages available on the market today.

Useful Links
You can find out more by visiting the following web sites:
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