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We have all heard that movement Is medicine.Whether or not we can get to the gym there are things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and fit at home or outside. Try this routine 2 -5 times per week.

1. Start with Range of Motion Exercises:

Move all your joints starting from your feet and ankles and work your way up to your neck.

Ankle and Feet
Move down and up, in and out, and big circles clockwise and counterclockwise.

Knees  Flexion and extension
Stand and roll knees in circles clockwise and counterclockwise.

Loosen up hips gently while standing on one leg and perform Flexion and Extension, Abduction and Adduction. Alternate Legs.

Low Back
Side bends slowly to each side, get a good stretch. Hip Hinge into Flexion and Extension, keep low back neutral, no rounding of the spine. Mild rotation to the left and right.

Thoracic Spine
Mild rotation left to right
Round upper back and stretch and hold, and bring back to squeezing shoulder blades together, and repeat.

Shoulder Blade Mobility
Start with arms extended in front of your chest, keep arms and elbows straight and bring arms back parallel to the floor and squeeze shoulder blades together and elevate your rib cage, and repeat.

Shoulder Joint
Move arms up and down into Flexion and Extension.
Move arms in circles clockwise and counterclockwise.
Stretch arm across chest to feel stretch in back of shoulder and upper back.
Doorway stretch to stretch arm, shoulder and front of chest.

Gentle Side Bends to the left and right, come back to neutral each time.
Flexion and Extension range of motion and stretch.


2. Next do Strength Exercises

Do the following exercises with repetitions as tolerated

Feet hip width apart, Hip Hinge as you lower your body and keep back neutral. Arms go out straight in front of chest for counter balance. Comparable to sitting on a chair and standing up, tighten glutes at top.

Only go as low that is comfortable. Keep front lower leg perpendicular to the floor, and lower back knee. Keep torso vertical.

Hip Hinge
Strengthens posterior chain muscles. Axis of motion is thru the hip joint, not the waist. Keep low back and spine neutral.

Depending on level of fitness, can perform wall pushups, use a countertop, on the floor from your knees or a full push up from the floor.

Lat Pulls
Can use a resistance band. Pull first with shoulder blades and elevate your chest. Keep shoulders down away from your ears.

No resistance at first, keep core engaged and neutral spine and rotate left to neutral to right and repeat

Can perform from either forearms or hands and feet or knees.Keep core engaged, neutral spine, and hold for time.


3. Wrap it up with a Balance Exercise

Standing on one leg
Stand on one leg, knee slightly bent, core engaged and hold for time. Alternate legs. To increase difficulty stand on a Pillow.

Tandem Walking
Walk in a straight line heel to toe, very controlled, forward and backwards. Slower is better and more difficult!


4. Add in Cardio two or more times per week

Choose from any or all of the following activities. Time and intensity depends on your level of fitness.



Most importantly, stay healthy and be safe. We will see you all back in the gym hopefully SOON!!