Tensegrity or “tensional integrity” – Our bodies are mainly tensegrity structures, in that, our bones don’t pass load directly to each other as we move. Forces (loads) flow through our fascial structures and muscles instead of flowing continuously through the bones. We used to think that the bones in the human body are load-bearing structures that work like the framing of a house.

When speaking about the human body, it is not the bones that handle the load to make the body strong but the fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons providing an outward expansive force that meets a downward pressure at all angles to make a structure (your body) strong, durable and resilient. It is how these structures are connected and work together that is so amazing. During this time in our society we are challenged from many different directions and are isolated from one another.  Remember that we are made stronger by maintaining connections within our global community. As Erin says “let’s call it ‘physical distancing ‘, not social distancing, it’s ok to say hi to each other”.

We are united through our individual adaptability and by focusing on how we can work together to support, heal and protect each other as we continue to move forward.

For our bodies, that means continuing to move, practice self-care, both physically and mentally and to stay physically strong.  The stronger our muscular system is, the easier it becomes for us to respond to new pressures and challenges. For our minds, that means taking time out of each day to reflect on what we are thankful for and trying to quiet that ever annoying ‘monkey brain’.

Foundation Training focuses on the development of our muscular system as our bodies primary support system.  By building an integrated and elastic foundation, we are preparing ourselves for a long future of good movement, good work in our community and, when we are able to, the ability to hug a little tighter (I’ll never take that for granted again!). Check out my Foundation Training classes on RallySports YouTube channel, we’ll be adding more soon.

If you’d like a more detailed description of Tensegrity watch the video below.

Stay Safe,
Dr. Pat.