Foundation Training: 8-Point Plank Tabata Challenge

Yewwww!!! I have a good one for y’all this week!  A challenge. Once a day, 4 minutes, 8 rounds, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest.  If you don’t have a timer go with the video. Looking forward to your comments on this one.

The purpose of this exercise is anterior chain activation.  The goal is to expand and elevate the ribcage both laterally and posteriorly, then engage the anterior muscles while maintaining as much length as possible in the spine to help facilitate a muscularly supported thoracic spine (mid back or ribcage area).

8-points = 2 hands, 2 elbows, 2 knees, 2 toes

It is important to get into this position slowly and then dial up the tension.  The more tension you create on the anterior chain the more posterior chain tension is relieved. If you’ve never done an 8-point plank before, go slow, start without the Tabata timing. It’s totally fine to do 1-2 Tabata rounds at first then build up. Elbows pull towards knees as knees pull towards elbows.

Some common corrections that I frequently see are the head dropping down, the butt being pulled up too high (should be slightly below shoulders (1-2”) and the knees lifting off the ground…sooo, don’t do those.

It is totally normal and expected to shake while you do this exercise. This is a fairly advanced exercise, practice daily.

If you have questions about this exercise, or anything else related to Foundation Training feel free to reach out our group of Foundation Training Instructors Erin Carson, Dr. Pat Helma, Vicki Hunter, Bruno Treves. We’re here for you. Stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Pat.