Adult Aquatics

Small Group Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Group Swim Class:
Please contact Jackie for information

What can be said about swimming other than it makes golf look easy and it is beautiful when Michael Phelps does it. For the rest of us mere mortals it can be less than a graceful experience. And for those with limited exposure to water, learning to put your head in the water while exhaling, then inhaling as you move through the water can be confusing.

This group experience is designed to support those who want to build confidence just being in and around water and / or work toward swimming one lap with sureness. In a compassionate and patient atmosphere, Rob Putnam and Jackie Dayton will break down each technical component to satisfy your curiosity and your safety needs, in addition to being aware and giving you tools to assist you through other challenges that may surface. By doing this, their aim is to bridge and manage the gap between thinking about it, having tools to consider the possibility of trying, then trying it with their support.

If you have thought about getting into the water with increased confidence and would like to know more about this class contact Jackie Dayton for details.

Adult Swimming Classes

Adult Swimming & Stroke Development
This class is for all who want to learn and improve their strokes. The class has a three week cycle in which two weeks are spent on butterfly, back, breast, or free and one week is spent on speed. This is a great class for beginners who can swim 50 yards of one of the strokes and want to become proficient in the other strokes. It is also challenging for more advanced swimmers who are honing their technique. Swimmers can attend on a regular basis or can come only for those weeks devoted to a specific stroke. The speed weeks are good for everyone and cover all the strokes. The class meets tuesday and Thursday, 11:15-12:00, right before intro to Masters at noon. Swimmers can attend stroke class and then try their skills in Intro to Masters.

Deep Water Running
Deep water running is one of the most effective total body workouts a person can do. Using your own body to create resistance against the water utilizes every muscle in the body. This form of exercise has been used by injured athletes for years, but it is also a great tool for anyone whose body is tired from overuse and high-impact exercise. Even if you are not injured this is great way to get strong and flexible. The action of the body against the water works to lengthen muscles while the resistance created works on strength.You control the amount of resistance by how hard you push and pull your arms and legs while maintaining a stable torso.

Masters Swimming:

We offer a complete Masters program with 14 individual classes each week, all included with the cost of your membership, and guided by some of the planet’s most passionate swim coaches. There are three levels of Masters Swimming classes listed in increasing order of experience level: Group Swimming Skills i.e. "Mastering Masters", Intro to Masters, and Masters.

Intro to Masters:
Try out your new found group swimming skills with this Intro to Masters classes offered twice a week.

With 10 classes offered each week in the morning, noon, and evening it is hard to not show up. Typically each session has a routine focus like distance, recovery, speed, technique, or IM. These classes are geared toward the swimmer who understands most of the lingo, and who can swim at least 50 meters at a time, and most importantly have a good time.

Swimming Clinic for beginner to intermediate triathlon swimmers

Sunday May 5
10:00 am at the Rallysport pool deck.

Join us for this great clinic - coach Eric Kenney will work on preparing for open water swims coming up this race season, including individual stroke work, mass start swim tech. and practice, training and discussion on pacing and executing your race.