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Fitness After 50 Debra Atkinson

Fitness After 50

Females Only Seminar Series: Whether you're just Barely a Boomer or passed 50 long ago…this is for you! This is taught in seminar form, with live demonstrations tucked into various sessions. Email Debra Atkinson for more information.

karuna kundalini

Kundalini Series

Saturday July 5. Join Karuna from noon -2pm. for Kundalini Yoga as she works her way through Yogi Bhajan's series. This month: Letting Go of The PAIN of the Seventh Year. $ More info & Sign up here

Fitness After 50 Debra Atkinson

Will You Join the Study?

If you're an adult over 50 who wants: strength, balance, stamina, better memory, improved bone density we'd like your participation in an 8 week session. Email Debra Atkinson with questions or to register.


Recovery Center

Enhance your training by recovering better! Our facility brings together the best knowledge and equipment in one convenient location to help your body achieve your performance goals!

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